Born and grown up in the Alps. Lots of green woods and white mountain tops under a blue sky. Raised in a German speaking minority on the Italian border to Austria and Switzerland.


I write stories and poems since primary gave me the gift of written language.


Found into the means of English when I left mainland Europe for some A-Levels on the Southern shores of Britain.


Started to join and then organize free creative writing courses while a student of Comparative Literature back in the continental lowlands of the Bavarian capital.


Received continued instruction in the explosion of the poetic potential of English on the central margins of the in-between while reading for my PhD (about the anglo- franco- and hispanophone island(s) in the archipelago of Caribbean literatures).


Member of the International Resarch Group Island Poetics.


Currently investigating literary misunderstandings.




and some of my reads

make it new. everytime make it new.

this way whispers Ezra Pound and the archer who misses the bull's eye turns to seek the cause of his failure in himself. Sun Tzu is smiling.


Being able to keep the voice and the gaze on human tragedy without a blink, a tear or a break is what combines Hemingway and Bukowski in my inner library

To sail from Derek Walcott to Kamau Brathwaite while Miss Lou rises in roaring laughter feels like when Bob Marley gives you an everyting is arrrright


What I do


I write.

Every being has its way of (self-)expression. Mine lies with the word. No matter if poetry or prose, lyrics or dramatic text. It is the message and the tone that decides the means and the medium. Who am I to restrict the ways?


I love to read my writing out loud

my words out loud. Let me give you my rhythm and the color that I saw.


I combine image, word and sound.

with each other so that there may rise something else and other right out of the in-between. One and one mean more than two.


I love to perform.

The pleasure of writing and reading live. Only armed with the word or with pictures or music to assist.

Blessed combinations

When I took a picture of the Usumacinta river from the Mexican shore, I did not imagine that it would be combined with a poem. Forming a unity that goes with the title "Blue yet defining"

My favorite performance project 2012/13 was "Knochenwerfen" (throwing bones) that combines the paintings of Helmut Geier with my poetry and the guitar music of The Muddy Roots.

My favorite performance project since 2014 is mo|men|tos. A text and image installation. There I type on an old typewriter while the impressive black-and-white photographies of Mario Steigerwald pass on the screen. Towards the end of the show I read my fresh text of the moment.

You can watch the video here.

Check out the mo|men|tos website for news and new projects.

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