are all about  communion between image and text.

My own photography combined with my own poetry. One and one making more than two.


Sometimes with the grain and pleasing, sometimes against it and startling, sometimes opening a whole universe in-between photography and poetry.

I perceive PicturePoemz as standing and speaking for themselves.

Every single PicturePoem stands for itself in its oscillating combination of image, typo and text.     

The beginnings of PicturePoemz

The beginnings of PicturePoemz can probably be traced back to my exhibitions Diarios Mexicanos following my backpacking through Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Belize and Guatemala.

At the opening nights I read one poem per picture (plus one for my traveller's pants).

The poems hung next to the corresponding picture during the whole time of the exhibition.

A combination of image and text, both standing next to each other, commenting each other, without touching each other is "Blue yet Defining".

It was published in the magazine aspeers. emerging voices in american studies.

Close up on one PicturePoem

One of my PicturePoemz unfolded while I was trying to use my macro-lense on a few especially beautiful leaves. Turned out that they are even more beautiful in a close-up.

A meeting between the cherished winter sun, some leaves behind a window and a macro-lense allowed for a silence that turned out to be a mumble of thankfulness and longing.

The blog entry  "Sun on leaves"  is telling this story in another way.


Some of the pictues where taken with a Canon 400D with various lenses, others with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000. The latest one mostly with a Canon 6D Mark II.

The editing and texting is being done with gimp. 


Yet another form similar to the technique behind PicturePoemz is my live writing on an old travellers' typewriter during the text and photo installation mo|men|tos where I am inspired by the spectacular black-and-white works of Mario Steigerwald.