I like another A

at Brenner Pass on June 25 2016 during a Refugees Welcome festival.

"I like another A" would not be in this world without Derek Walcott's long poem Omeros (1990). It helped me to change perspective and see the potential of refugees as pioneers of newness.

As myth (and translatio imperii) wants it the ancient hero Aeneas is such a pioneer and refugee who crossed the Mediterranean to marry princess Lavinia.

Together they built the founding family of the Roman Empire. Now Walcott wants us to read this foundational myth in an anti-imperial way: "like another Aeneas / founding not Rome but home" (Omeros chapter LV)

Refugees Welcome at Brenner Pass

June 25 2016

A small resume of all the beautiful performances and concerts at the manifestation.


For more on the project with Mario Steigerwald, Ayna Steigerwald, Dede Opela, myself, and many guests, see the following link (click here).


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